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Sergio Alfonso Pérez García

+52 (81) 1156 0802 alfonso.perez@cimav.edu.mx Monterrey, NL


Chalmers University of Technology

PhD (2007)

Áreas de Interés

Últimas publicaciones

  • Functionalization Effect on Polymer Nanocomposites Coatings based on TiO2-SiO2 Nanoparticles with Superhydrophilic Properties

    Arturo Román Vázquez-Velázquez, Miguel Angel Velasco-Soto , Sergio Alfonso Pérez-García * and Liliana Licea-Jiménez*
    Nanomaterials, Vol.8. No.369. pp1-16 (2018)
  • Preparation and Characterization of High Purity Anhydrous β-Lactose from α-Lactose Monohydrate at Mild Temperature

    Ana L. López-Pablos, César C. Leyva-Porras, Macrina B. Silva-Cázares, Francisco E. Longoria-Rodríguez, Sergio A. Pérez-García, Ángel A. Vértiz-Hernández, and María Z. Saavedra-Leos
    International Journal of Polymer Science. ISSN: 1687-9430, Vol.2018. No.5069063. pp1-10 (2018)
  • Fluorescence properties of Yb3+??Er3+ co-doped phosphate glasses containing silver nanoparticles

    Ma A Martínez Gámez, Miguel A Vallejo H, A V Kiryanov, L Licea-Jiménez, J L Lucio M and S A Pérez-García
    Methods Appl. Fluoresc, Vol.6. No.2. pp024005 (2018)
  • Influence of the gate and dielectric thickness on the electro-optical performance of SRO-based LECs: Resistive switching, IR and deep UV emission

    S. A. Cabañas-Tay, L. Palacios-Huerta, M. Aceves-Mijares, J. Alvarez-Quintana, S. A. Pérez-García, C. Domínguez-Horna and A. Morales-Sánchez*
    Journal of Luminescence,
  • Thermal decomposition of N-expanded austenite in 304L and 904L steels

    G. Maistro, S.A. Pérez-García, M. Norell, L. Nyborg and Y. Cao
    Surface Engineering FI: 1.51, Vol.33. No.4. pp319-326 (2017)
  • Engineered TiO2 and SiO2??TiO2 Films on Silica Coated Glass for Increased Thin Film Durability Under Abrasive Conditions

    Rosa Elena Ramírez-García, Jesús Alberto González-Rodríguez, Miguel Arroyo-Ortega, Sergio Alfonso Pérez-García and Liliana Licea Jiménez
    International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology,
  • Quantum Confinement Effects in a Glass/ITO/CdS/CdTe Supertrate Structure Designed for Solar Energy Conversion

    Yuri Vorobiev, Iker Rodrigo Chavez Urbiola, Sergio Alfonso Perez Garcia, Pavel Vorobiev
    International Journal of Advances in Science, Engineering and Technology(IJASEAT), Vol.4. No.4. pp86-89 (2017)
  • Study of narrow and intense UV electroluminescence from ITO/SRO/Si-p and ITO/SRN/SRO/Si-p based light emitting capacitors

    S.A. Cabañas-Tay, L. Palacios-Huerta, M. Aceves- Mijares, A. Coyopol, F. Morales-Morales, S.A. Pérez-García, L. Licea-Jiménez, C. Domínguez- Horna, K. Monfil-Leyva, A. Morales-Sánchez*
    Journal of Luminescence,
  • Enhanced performance thermal diode via thermal boundary resistance at nanoscale

    M. Tovar-Padilla, L. Licea-Jimene, S. A. Pérez-Garcia and J. Alvarez-Quintana
    Applied Physics Letters,
  • Selective band gap manipulation of graphene oxide by its reduction with mild reagents

    M.A. Velasco-Soto, S.A. Pérez-García*, J. Alvarez-Quintana, Yu-Cao, L. Nyborg, L. Licea-Jiménez
  • RF energy scavenging system for DC power from FM broadcasting based on an optimized Cockcroft??Walton voltage multiplier

    J.A. Leon-Gil, J.C. Perales-Cruz, L. Licea-Jimenez, S.A. Pérez Garcia & J. Alvarez-Quintana
    Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications, Vol.29. No.11. pp1440-1453 (2015)
  • Analysis of the luminescent centers in silicon rich silicon nitride light-emitting capacitors

    S. A. Cabañas-Tay, L. Palacios-Huerta, M. Aceves-Mijares, J. A. Luna-López, S. Alcántara-Iniesta, S. A. Pérez-García and A. Morales-Sánchez*
    Semicond. Sci. Technol., Vol.30. No.065009. pp10 (2015)
  • Evaluation of sintering time on microstructure and hardness of (Al, A2024)-CeO2 composites produced by mechanical milling

    F.J. Baldenebro-López, C.D. Gómez-Esparza, C.A. Rodriguez-González, A. Santos-Beltrán, S.A. Pérez-García, I. Estrada-Guel, R. Martínez-Sánchez
    Powder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics,
  • Microstructural, chemical and textural characterization of ZnO nanorods synthesized by aerosol assisted chemical vapor deposition

    Angélica Sáenz-Trevizo; Patricia Amézaga-Madrid; Luis Fuentes-Cobas; Pedro Pizá-Ruiz; Wilber Antúnez-Flores; Carlos Ornelas-Gutierrez; Sergio A.Pérez-García; Mario Miki-Yoshida
    Materials Characterization F.I. 1.880,
  • Microstructural characterization, optical and photocatalytic properties of bilayered CuO and ZnO based thin films

    A. Sáenz-Trevizo, P. Amézaga-Madrid, P. Pizá-Ruiz, O. Solís-Canto, C. Ornelas-Gutiérrez, S. Pérez-García, M. Miki-Yoshida
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds F.I. 2.289,
  • Optical, Electrical and Photocatalytic Properties of the Ternary Semiconductors Zn?Cd1???S, Cu?Cd1???S and Cu?Zn1???S

    Sandra Andrea Mayén-Hernández,1 David Santos-Cruz,1 Francisco deMoure-Flores,1 Sergio Alfonso Pérez-García,2 Liliana Licea-Jiménez,2 Ma. Concepción Arenas-Arrocena,3 José de Jesús Coronel-Hernández,1 and José Santos-Cruz1
    International Journal of Photoenergy, Vol.2014. No.158782. pp8 (2014)
  • Physical properties of inulin and inulin-orange juice: Physical characterization and technological application

    M.Z. Saavedra-Leos, C. Leyva-Porras, E. Martínez-Guerra, S.A. Pérez-García,J.A. Aguilar-Martínez, C. Alvarez-Salas
    Carbohydrate Polymers,
  • Multi?technique characterization of low?temperature plasma nitrided austenitic AISI 304L and AISI 904L stainless steel

    Y Cao, G Maistro, M Norell, SA Pérez?Garcia, L Nyborg
    Surface and Interface Analysis, Vol.46. No.10-11. pp856-860 (2014)
  • Behaviour of Carbon Steel in the Presence of Hydrocarbon and a Pyridinic Compound

    Leon, LDL (Lopez Leon, L. D.)[ 1 ] ; Rodriguez, MAV (Veloz Rodriguez, M. A.)[ 1 ] ; Cruz, VER (Reyes Cruz, V. E.)[ 1 ] ; Garcia, SAP (Perez Garcia, S. A.)[ 2 ] ; Coca, FJO (Olguin Coca, F. J.)[ 1 ]
    International Journal of Electrochemical Science. Serbia. FI= 2.808,
  • Magnon-mediated thermal rectification with forward-bias and breakdown temperatures

    J.J. Martínez-Flores, L. Licea-Jimenez, S. A. Perez-Garcia and J. Alvarez-Quintana
    Journal of Applied Physics, Vol.114. No.104904. pp1-8 (2013)

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