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Lorena Alvarez Contreras

+52 (614) 439 1119 lorena.alvarez@cimav.edu.mx Chihuahua, Chih.


Centro de Investigación en Materiales Avanzados S. C.

Doctor (2005)

Áreas de Interés

Últimas publicaciones

  • In Situ Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Study of the Electrocatalytic Effect of PtFe/C Nanocatalyst on Ethanol Electro-Oxidation in Alkaline Medium ISSN 1996-1073

    A. C. Gómez-Monsiváis, I. Velázquez-Hernández, L. Álvarez-Contreras*, M. Guerra-Balcázar, L. G. Arriaga, N. Arjona,* and J. Ledesma-García
    Energies F.I. 2.077, Vol.2017. No.10. pp1-19 (2017)
  • Synthesis of a Small Amorphous PdMo/C Nanocatalyst and Pd Nanocubes Enclosed within (100) Planes and Their Use for Ethylene Glycol Electro??oxidation. ISSN: 2196-0216

    Oscar Ambriz-Peláez, Lorena Álvarez-Contreras, Minerva Guerra-Balcázar, Janet Ledesma-García, Luis Gerardo Arriaga, Noé Arjona
    ChemElectroChem F.I. 3.05,
  • Glycerol electro-oxidation in alkaline media using Pt and Pd catalysts electrodeposited on three-dimensional porous carbon electrodes. ISSN 1144-0546

    N. Arjona, S. Rivas, L. Álvarez-Contreras, M. Guerra-Balcázar,b J. Ledesma-García, Erik Kjeang and L. G. Arriaga
    New J. Chem F.I. 3.277,
  • Electrooxidation of crude glycerol as waste from biodiesel in a nanofluidic fuel cell using Cu@Pd/C and Cu@Pt/C, ISSN: 0016-2361

    J. Maya-Cornejo, M. Guerra-Balcázar, N. Arjona, L. Álvarez-Contreras, Francisco J. Rodríguez Valadez, M.P. Gurrola, J. Ledesma-García, L.G. Arriaga
    Fuel F.I. 3.611,
  • High performance of ethanol nanofluidic fuel cells based on acrylic, paper and Pd-NiO as anodic catalyst, ISSN: 0013-4686

    C.A. López-Rico, J. Galindo-de-la-Rosa, L. Álvarez-Contreras, J. Ledesma-García, M. Guerra-Balcázar, L. G. Arriaga
    Electrochimica Acta F.I. 4.803,
  • An improved ethanol microfluidic fuel cell based on a PdAg/MWCNT catalyst synthesized by the reverse micelles method, ISSN: 0016-2361

    A.J. Armenta-González, R. Carrera-Cerritos, A. Moreno-Zuria, L. Álvarez-Contreras, J. Ledesma-García, F.M. Cuevas-Muñiz, L.G. Arriaga
    Fuel F.I. 3.611,
  • Synthesis of silica aerogels microspheres prepared by ink jet printing and dried at ambient pressure without surface hydrophobization, ISSN: 0254-0584

    B.A. García-Torres, A. Aguilar-Elguezabal*, M. Roman-Aguirre, L. Alvarez-Contreras
    Materials Chemistry and Physics F.I. 2.101,
  • Synthesis and structural characterization of manganese olivine lithium phosphate ISSN: 0925-8388

    Joel O. Herrera Robles, Luis E. Fuentes Cobas, Sebastián Díaz de la Torre, Héctor Camacho Montes, José T. Elizalde Galindo, Perla E. García Casillas, Claudia A. Rodríguez González, Lorena Álvarez Contreras
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds,
  • Support Effect in the Electrocatalytic Activity of Cu@Pd Core-Shell toward Electrooxidation of Short Chain Alcohols in Alkaline Media ISSN: 0013-4651

    J. Ledesma-García, J. A. Maya-Cornejo, N. Arjona, S. Rivas, L. Álvarez-Contreras, M. Guerra-Balcázar, and L. G. Arriaga
    Journal of The Electrochemical Society F.I. 3.266 , Vol.162. No.14. ppF1439-F1444 (2015)
  • LiMnPO4: Review on Synthesis and  Electrochemical  Properties ISSN: 2327-6045

    Joel O. Herrera,  Héctor Camacho-­Montes,  Luis E. Fuentes,  Lorena Álvarez-­Contreras
    Journal  of  Materials  Science  and  Chemical  Engineering F.I. 0.55, Vol.2015. No.3. pp54-64 (2015)
  • Influence of processing time and discharge current density during pulsed plasma oxidizing of AISI 316L, ISSN: 1059-9495

    Díaz-Guillén J.C.1, Vargas-Gutiérrez G., Granda-Gutiérrez E.E., Aguilar-Martínez J.A., Álvarez-Contreras L.
    Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance F.I. 0.998, Vol.24. No.6. pp2368-2372 (2015)
  • Synthesis of amino-functionalized MCM-48 silica via direct co-condensation at room temperature ISSN: 1387-1811

    Griselda Castruita-de León, Yibran Argenis Perera-Mercado, Luis Alfonso García-Cerda, Jesús Alfonso Mercado-Silva, Héctor Iván Meléndez-Ortiz, Yeraldin Olivares-Maldonado, Lorena Alvarez-Contreras
    Microporous and Mesoporous Materials F.I. 3.209,
  • Synthesis of Pd-Cu bimetallic electrocatalyst for ethylene glycol and glycerol oxidations in alkaline media

    J. Maya-Cornejo, N. Arjona, M. Guerra-Balcázar, L. Álvarez-Contreras, J. Ledesma- García and L. G. Arriaga
    Procedia Chemistry ISSN: 1876-6196,
  • Copper-palladium core shell for multi-fuel membraneless nanofluidic fuel cell: toward a new era of small energy conversion devices

    J Maya-Cornejo, E. Ortiz-Ortega, L. Álvarez-Contreras, Noé Arjona, M Guerra-Balcázar, J. Ledesma-García and L. G. Arriaga
    Chemical Communications F.I. 6.718,
  • Effects of Pulse Length on Low-Frequency Plasma Nitrided 316L Steels

    J.C. Díaz-Guillén, G. Vargas-Gutiérrez, E.E. Granda-Gutiérrez, M.A. González, J.A. Díaz-Guillén, L. Alvarez-Contreras
    Surface Engineering FI: 1.51,
  • Effect of in the electrocatalytic activity of mixtures and their use in a glucose membraneless microfluidic fuel cell ISSN 2046-2069

    N. Arjona, A. Dector,a M. Guerra-Bálcazar, L. Alvarez-Contreras, N. Sabaté, J. P. Esquivel, J. Ledesma-García, and L. G. Arriaga
    RSC Advances F.I. 3.708,
  • Staircase and pulse potential electrochemical techniques for the facile and rapid synthesis of Pt and PtAg materials ISSN: 0013-4686

    N. Arjona M. Guerra-Balcazar G. Trejo L. Alvarez-Contreras, J.Ledesma-GarcíaL.G.
    Electrochimica Acta, F.I. 3.77,
  • Electrocatalytic activity of well-defined and homogeneous cubic-shaped Pd nanoparticles

    N. Arjona, M. Guerra-Balcázar, L. Ortiz-Frade, G. Osorio-Monreal, L. Alvarez-Contreras, J. Ledesma-García and L. G. Arriaga
    Journal of Materials Chemistry A F.I. 6.101,
  • Electrochemical synthesis of flower-like Pd nanoparticles with high tolerance toward formic acid electrooxidation

    N. Arjona, M. Guerra-Balcazar, F. M. Cuevas-Muñiz, L. Alvarez-Contreras, J. Ledesma-García and L. G. Arriaga
    RSC Advances F.I. 2.562,
  • Synthesis of Pt-Sn core-shell nanoparticles deposited on SBA-15 modified

    Lorena Alvarez-Contreras Ivonne Alonso-Lemus Gerardine Botte Ysmael Verde-Gomez
    Journal of Nanoparticle Research. F.I. 2.175,
  • High surface electrochemical support based on Sb-doped SnO2

    M.P. Gurrola, M. Guerra-Balcáza, L. Alvarez-Contreras, R. Nava b, J. Ledesma-García, L.G. Arriaga
    Journal of Power Sources FI: 4.675,
  • Water Extractable Arabinoxylan Aerogels Prepared by Supercritical CO2 Drying

    Jorge Marquez-Escalante, Elizabeth Carvajal-Millan, Mario Miki-Yoshida, Lorena Alvarez-Contreras, Alma Rosa Toledo-Guillen, Jaime Lizardi-Mendoza, Agustin Rascon-Chu
    Molecules F.I 2.428,
  • Arabinoxylan Microspheres: Structural and Textural Characteristics

    Ana L. Martínez-López, Elizabeth Carvajal-Millan, Mario Miki-Yoshida, Lorena Alvarez-Contreras, Agustín Rascón-Chu, Jaime Lizardi-Mendoza and Yolanda López-Franco
    Molecules, F.I. 2.428,
  • Surface properties of Fe4N compounds layer on AISI 4340 steel modified by pulsed plasma nitriding

    J.C. Díaz-Guillén, G. Vargas-Gutiérrez, E.E. Granda-Gutiérrez, J.S. Zamarripa-Piña, S.I. Pérez-Aguilar, J. Candelas-Ramírez, L. Alvarez-Contreras
    Journal of Materials Science & Technology F.I: 1.198, Vol.29. No.3. pp287-290 (2013)
  • Electrochemical Corrosion Performance of Hematite-Free Magnetite Layer on AISI 4340 by Duplex Pulsed Plasma Nitriding-Oxidizing Treatment.

    J.C. Díaz-Guillén. G. Vargas-Gutiérrez E.E. Granda-Gutiérrez J.A. Aguilar-Martínez J. Candelas-Ramírez S.I. Pérez-Aguilar L. Alvarez-Contreras
    Int. J. Electrochem. Sci., FI=3.729, Vol.7. No.2012. pp7261-7269 (2012)
  • Influence of the activation atmosphere on the hydrodesulfurization of Co-Mo/SBA-15 catalysts prepared from sulfur-containing precursors

    G. Alonso-Núñez J. Bocarando R. Huirache-Acuña L. Alvarez-Contreras Z.-D. Huangd W. Benschd G. Berhault J. Cruz T.A. Zepeda S. Fuentes
    Applied Catalysis A: General FI=3.383,
  • Evaluation of bimetallic catalyst PtAg/C as a glucose-tolerant oxygen reduction cathode

    M. Guerra-Balcázar, F.M. Cuevas-Muñiz, L. Alvarez-Contreras, L.G. Arriaga, J. Ledesma-García
    Journal of Power Sources. FI= 4.283,

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