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Margarita Sánchez Domínguez

+52 (81) 1156 0830 margarita.sanchez@cimav.edu.mx Monterrey, NL



Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry (2004)

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Últimas publicaciones

  • Determination of trace metals in TSP and PM2.5 materials collected in the Metropolitan Area of Monterrey, Mexico: A characterization study by XPS, ICP-AES and SEM-EDS

    Lucy T. González, F.E. Longoria Rodríguez, M. Sánchez-Domínguez, Aleyda Cavazos, C. Leyva-Porras, L.G. Silva-Vidaurri, Karim Acuña Askar, B.I. Kharissov, J.F. Villarreal Chiu, J.M. Alfaro
    Atmospheric Research,
  • CoFe2O4-TiO2 Hybrid Nanomaterials: Synthesis Approaches Based on the Oil-in-Water Microemulsion Reaction Method

    Arturo Adrián Rodríguez-Rodríguez, Sagrario Martínez-Montemayor, César Cutberto Leyva-Porras, Francisco Enrique Longoria-Rodríguez, Eduardo Martínez-Guerra, Margarita Sánchez-Domínguez
    Journal of Nanomaterials, Vol.2017. No.2367856. pp1-15 (2017)
  • Microemulsion droplets to catalytically active nanoparticles. How the application of colloidal tools in catalysis aims to well designed and efficient catalysts

    M. Boutonnet, M. Sanchez-Dominguez
    Catalysis Today,
  • Comparative Photocatalytic Performance on the Degradation of 2-Naphthol Under Simulated Solar Light Using α-Bi4V2O11 Synthesized by Solid-State and Co-precipitation Methods

    Lucy T. González, C. Leyva-Porras, M. Sánchez-Domínguez, Iván J. Maza, F. E. Longoria Rodríguez
    Water, Air & Soil Pollution, Vol.228. No.75. pp1-10 (2017)
  • Ce-promoted Co/Al2O3 catalysts for Fischer??Tropsch synthesis

    F. Pardo-Tarifa, S. Cabrera, M. Sanchez-Dominguez, M. Boutonnet
    International Journal of Hydrogen Energy ,
  • Mesquite Gum as a Novel Reducing and Stabilizing Agent for Modified Tollens Synthesis of Highly Concentrated Ag Nanoparticles

    Maira Berenice Moreno-Trejo, Margarita Sánchez-Domínguez
  • Chemical and morphological characterization of TSP and PM2.5 by SEM-EDS, XPS and XRD collected in the metropolitan area of Monterrey, Mexico

    Lucy T. Gonzalez F.E.Longoria Rodríguez M. Sanchez-Domínguez C. Leyva-Porras L.G. Silva-Vidaurri Karim Acuna-Askar B.I. Kharisov J.F. Villarreal Chiu J.M. Alfaro Barbosa
    Atmospheric Environment,
  • Synthesis of Mixed Cu/Ce Oxide Nanoparticles by the Oil-in-Water Microemulsion Reaction Method

    Kelly Pemartin-Biernath Andrea V. Vela-González Maira B. Moreno-Trejo César Leyva-Porras Iván E. Castañeda-Reyna Isaías Juárez-Ramírez Conxita Solans Margarita Sánchez-Domínguez
    Materials, Vol.9. No.6. pp480 (2016)
  • Synthesis of Nanostructured Catalytic Materials from Microemulsions

    Margarita Sanchez-Dominguez, Magali Boutonnet
    Catalysts, Vol.6. No.1. pp4 (2016)
  • Effects of green and red light in βL-crystallin and ovalbumin

    J Horacio Espinoza, Elizabeth Reynaga-Hernández, Jaime Ruiz-García, Gabriela Montero-Morán, Margarita Sanchez-Dominguez, Hilda Mercado-Uribe
    Scientific reports,
  • Toward a Unified Description of Luminescence??Local Structure Correlation in Ln Doped CeO2 Nanoparticles: Roles of Ln Ionic Radius, Ln Concentration, and Oxygen Vacancies

    Daniel Avram, Margarita Sanchez-Dominguez, Bogdan Cojocaru, Mihaela Florea, Vasile Parvulescu, Carmen Tiseanu
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, Vol.119. No.28. pp16303??16313 (2015)
  • Assessment of functionalized iron oxide nanoparticles in vitro: introduction to integrated nanoimpact index

    Narges Bayat, Viviana Lopes, Margarita Sanchez-Dominguez, Ramnath Lakshmanan, Gunaratna Kuttuva Rajarao, Susana Cristobal
    Environmental Science: Nano,
  • Design of Cobalt Nanoparticles with Tailored Structural and Morphological Properties via O/W and W/O Microemulsions and Their Deposition onto Silica

    Gabriella Di Carlo, Matteo Lualdi, Anna M. Venezia, Magali Boutonnet, Margarita Sanchez-Dominguez
    Catalysts, Vol.5. No.1. pp442-459 (2015)
  • Synthesis of Mn??Zn ferrite nanoparticles by the oil-in-water microemulsion reaction method

    Kelly Pemartin, Conxita Solans, J. Alvarez-Quintana, Margarita Sanchez-Dominguez??
    Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochem. Eng. Aspects,
  • Exceptional capability of nanosized CeO2 materials to ??dissolve?? lanthanide oxides established by time-gated excitation and emission spectroscopy

    C. Tiseanu, V. Parvulescu, D. Avram, B. Cojocaru, M. Sanchez-Dominguez
    Dalton Transactions, Vol.43. No.20. pp7622-7630 (2014)
  • Nanoparticles vs Cancer: a multifunctional tool

    C. N. Sanchez-Dominguez, H. L. Gallardo-Blanco, A. A. Rodriguez-Rodriguez, A. V. Vela-Gonzalez, M. Sanchez-Dominguez
    Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry, Vol.14. No.5. pp664-675 (2014)
  • Structural, down - and phase selective up - conversion emission properties of mixed valent Pr doped into oxides with tetravalent cations.

    C. Tiseanu, V. Parvulescu, Daniel Avram, B. Cojocaru, N. Apostol, A. V. Vela-Gonzalez, M. Sanchez-Dominguez
    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, Vol.16. No.12. pp5793-5802 (2014)
  • Removal of Total Organic Carbon from Sewage Wastewater using Polyethylenimine-Functionalized Magnetic Nanoparticles

    Ramnath Lakshmanan, Margarita Sanchez-Dominguez , Jose Matutes-Aquino , Stefan Wennmalm, and Gunaratna Kuttuva Rajarao
  • Local structure and nanoscale homogeneity of CeO2-ZrO2: differences and similarities to parent oxides revealed by luminescence with temporal and spectral resolution.

    Carmen Tiseanu, Vasile Parvulescu, Daniel Avram, Bogdan Cojocaru, Magali Boutonnet, Margarita Sanchez-Dominguez
    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics,
  • Heavily impregnated ceria nanoparticles with europium oxide: spectroscopic evidences for homogenous solid solutions and intrinsic structure of Eu3+-oxygen environments

    Daniel Avram, Codruta Rotaru, Bogdan Cojocaru, Margarita Sanchez-Dominguez, Mihaela Florea, Carmen Tiseanu
    Journal of Materials Science, Vol.49. No.5. pp2117-2126 (2014)
  • Isolated centres versus defect associates in Sm3+-doped CeO2: a spectroscopic investigation

    Carmen Tiseanu, Bogdan Cojocaru, Daniel Avram, Vasile I Parvulescu, Andrea V Vela-Gonzalez and Margarita Sanchez-Dominguez
    Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, Vol.46. No.27. pp275302 (2013)
  • Microemulsions as Reaction Media for the Synthesis of Mixed Oxide Nanoparticles: Relationships between Microemulsion Structure, Reactivity, and Nanoparticle Characteristics

    Carolina Aubery, Conxita Solans, Sylvain Prevost, Michael Gradzielski, Margarita Sanchez-Dominguez
    Langmuir, Vol.29. No.6. pp1779??1789 (2013)
  • Structural Changes in Micelles and other Self-Assembled Aggregates: Temperature, Concentration and Light sensitive

    Alfredo Gonzalez-Perez, Margarita Sanchez-Dominguez
    Fronties in Bioscience, Vol.5S. No.2. pp611-630 (2013)
  • Synthesis of ZnO and ZnO2 nanoparticles by the oil-in-water microemulsion reaction method

    Kelly Pemartin, Conxita Solans, German Vidal-Lopez, Margarita Sanchez-Dominguez
    Chemistry Letters, Vol.41. No.10. pp1032-1034 (2012)
  • Order and Disorder Effects in Nano- ZrO2 Investigated by Micro- Raman and Spectrally and Temporarily Resolved Photoluminescence

    Carmen Tiseanu, Bogdan Cojocaru, Vasile I. Parvulescu, Margarita Sanchez - Dominguez, Philipp A. Primus, Magali Boutonnet
    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics,
  • Temperature induced conversion of surface to ??bulk?? sites in Eu3+- impregnated CeO2 nanocrystals

    Carmen Tiseanu, Vasile I. Parvulescu, Margarita Sanchez Dominguez and Magali Boutonnet
    Journal of Applied Physics, Vol.112. No.1. pp013521 (2012)
  • Preparation of inorganic nanoparticles in oil-in-water microemulsions: a soft and versatile approach

    Margarita Sanchez-Dominguez, Kelly Pemartin and Magali Boutonnet
    Current Opinion in Colloid and Interface Science, Vol.17. No.5. pp297??305 (2012)
  • In situ Raman and Time-Resolved Luminescence Investigation of Local Structure of ZrO2 in the Amorphous to Crystalline Phase Transition

    Carmen Tiseanu, Vasile I. Parvulescu, Bogdan Cojocaru, Kelly Pemartin, Margarita Sanchez Dominguez and Magali Boutonnet
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, Vol.116. No.31. pp16776??16783 (2012)
  • Comparison and functionalization study of microemulsion prepared magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles

    Chuka Okoli,Margarita Sanchez-Dominguez, Magali Boutonnet, Sven Järås, Concepción Civera, Conxita Solans, Gunaratna Rajarao Kuttuva
    Langmuir, Vol.28. No.22. pp8479??8485 (2012)