Sustainable Engineering

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Dr. Ignacio Martín Domínguez
Tel. +52 (614) 439 4898

This research area carries out R+D+I in the field of polygeneration, which seeks to maximize the usage of energy resources in the production of heat, cold, electricity, and water from both renewable and conventional energy sources for industrial use.

Research areas:

  • • Energy polygeneration systems
  • • Energy efficiency in industrial processes and buildings
  • • Devices for the collection, storage, and use of solar energy

Lines of investigation:

  • • Design, simulation, integration, and optimization of energy polygeneration systems for industrial processes from conventional and renewable sources
  • • Solar Heat for Industrial Processes SHIP
  • • Modeling and simulation of buildings and industrial processes for the reduction of energy usage and integration of renewable energy sources
  • • Development of devices for the collection, storage, distribution, and control of solar thermal energy for industrial, commercial, and domestic applications