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Sergio Alfonso Pérez García

+52 (81) 1156 0802 alfonso.perez@cimav.edu.mx Monterrey, NL


Chalmers University of Technology

PhD (2007)

Áreas de Interés

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Últimas publicaciones

  • Long?term evolution of the chemical and structural stability of graphene oxide after storage as solid and as aqueous dispersion

    Ulises Antonio Méndez?Romero, Miguel Angel Velasco?Soto, Liliana Licea?Jiménez, Jesús González?Hernández, Sergio Alfonso Pérez?García
  • Improvement on cell cyclability of lead-acid batteries through high-energy ball milling and addition of multi-walled carbon nanotubes in the formulation of leads oxides

    M. A. Velasco??Soto, L. Licea??Jiménez, Marcelo Videa, L. M. Martínez, A. Morales??Sánchez, L. M. Bautista??Carrillo, F. E. Longoria??Rodríguez, S. Castro??Pardo, S. García Esparza, A. A. Rodríguez??Rodríguez, S. A. Pérez??García
    Journal of Applied Electrochemistry. F.I.: 2.384, Vol.51. No.1. pp387-397 (2021)
  • Multiplet structure for perovskite-type Ba0.9Ca0.1Ti0.9Zr0.1O3 by core??hole spectroscopies

    G Herrera-Pérez, O Solis-Canto, G Silva-Vidaurri, S Pérez-García, R Borja-Urby, F Paraguay-Delgado, G Rojas-George, A Reyes-Rojas, L Fuentes-Cobas
    Journal of Applied Physics, Vol.128. No.6. pp064106 (2020)
  • Lateral size reduction of graphene oxide preserving its electronic properties and chemical functionality

    Ulises A Méndez-Romero, Sergio Alfonso Pérez-García, Qunping Fan, Ergang Wang, Liliana Licea-Jiménez
    RSC Advances (I.F. 3.119), Vol.10. No.49. pp29432 - 29440 (2020)
  • Spectroscopic Properties of Si-nc in SiOx Films Using HFCVD

    Zaira Jocelyn Hernández Simón, Jose Alberto Luna López, Alvaro David Hernández de la Luz, Sergio Alfonso Pérez García, Alfredo Benítez Lara, Godofredo García Salgado, Jesus Carrillo López, Gabriel Omar Mendoza Conde, Hayde Patricia Martínez Hernández
    Nanomaterials, Vol.10. No.7. pp1415 (2020)
  • Spectroscopic and Microscopic Correlation of SRO-HFCVD Films on Quartz and Silicon

    Haydee Patricia Martínez Hernández, José Alberto Luna López , José Álvaro David Hernández de la Luz, Adan Luna Flores, Karim Monfil Leyva, Godofredo García Salgado, Jesús Carrillo López, Rafael Ordoñez Flores, Sergio Alfonso Pérez García, Zaira Jocelyn Hernández Simón, Gabriel Omar Mendoza Conde and Raquel Ramírez Amador
    Crystals, Vol.10. No.127. pp1-19 (2020)
  • Degradation Processes and Revitalization Effect in Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Cells

    International Journal of Industrial Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Vol.7. No.12. pp34-37 (2020)
  • Analysis of the conduction mechanisms responsible for multilevel bipolar resistive switching of SiO2/Si multilayer structures

    K.E. Gonzalez-Flores, P. Horley, S.A. Cabañas-Tay, S.A. Perez-García, L. Licea-Jimenez, L. Palacios-Huerta, M. Aceves-Mijares, M. Moreno-Moreno, A. Morales-Sanchez, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.spmi.2019.106347
    Superlattices and Microstructures,
  • Effect of the thermal annealing on the structural, morphological and photoluminescent properties of ZnO/Si multilayers

    R. Ambrosio, F. Galindo, F. Morales??Morales, M. Moreno, A. Torres, M.A. Vásquez-A, S.A. Pérez García, A. Morales??Sánchez
    Optical Materials,
  • Functionalized reduced graphene oxide with tunable band gap and good solubility in organic solvents

    Ulises A.Méndez-Romero, Sergio A.Pérez-García, Xiaofeng Xu, Ergang Wang, Liliana Licea-Jiménez
  • Role of carbon nanodots in defect passivation and photo-sensitization of mesoscopic-TiO2 for application in perovskite solar cells

    Siraj Sidhik, Jayaramakrishnan Velusamy, Elder De la Rosa, Sergio Alfonso Pérez-García, Gabriel Ramos-Ortiz, Tzarara López-Luke.
  • Development of CZIS Material Semiconductor, Non-toxic for Potential Photovoltaic Applications

    R. Olvera-Rivas, A. Méndez-Reséndiz, S.A. Pérez-GarcÍa, F. de Moure-Flores, S.A. Mayén-Hernández, J. Santos-Cruz
    Recent Innovations in Chemical Engineering, Vol.11. No.2. pp112-119 (2018)
  • Resistive switching control for conductive Si-nanocrystals embedded in Si/SiO2 multilayers

    K E González??Flores, B Palacios-Márquez, J Álvarez??Quintana, S A Pérez??García, L Licea??Jiménez, P Horley and A Morales-Sánchez
    Nanotechnology, Vol.29. No.395203. pp395203-1 (2018)
  • Functionalization Effect on Polymer Nanocomposites Coatings based on TiO2-SiO2 Nanoparticles with Superhydrophilic Properties

    Arturo Román Vázquez-Velázquez, Miguel Angel Velasco-Soto , Sergio Alfonso Pérez-García and Liliana Licea-Jiménez
    Nanomaterials, Vol.8. No.369. pp1-16 (2018)
  • Preparation and Characterization of High Purity Anhydrous β-Lactose from α-Lactose Monohydrate at Mild Temperature

    Ana L. López-Pablos, César C. Leyva-Porras, Macrina B. Silva-Cázares, Francisco E. Longoria-Rodríguez, Sergio A. Pérez-García, Ángel A. Vértiz-Hernández, and María Z. Saavedra-Leos
    International Journal of Polymer Science. ISSN: 1687-9430, Vol.2018. No.5069063. pp1-10 (2018)
  • Fluorescence properties of Yb3+??Er3+ co-doped phosphate glasses containing silver nanoparticles

    Ma A Martínez Gámez, Miguel A Vallejo H, A V Kiryanov, L Licea-Jiménez, J L Lucio M and S A Pérez-García
    Methods Appl. Fluoresc, Vol.6. No.2. pp024005 (2018)
  • Influence of the gate and dielectric thickness on the electro-optical performance of SRO-based LECs: Resistive switching, IR and deep UV emission

    S. A. Cabañas-Tay, L. Palacios-Huerta, M. Aceves-Mijares, J. Alvarez-Quintana, S. A. Pérez-García, C. Domínguez-Horna and A. Morales-Sánchez*
    Journal of Luminescence,
  • Thermal decomposition of N-expanded austenite in 304L and 904L steels

    G. Maistro, S.A. Pérez-García, M. Norell, L. Nyborg and Y. Cao
    Surface Engineering FI: 1.51, Vol.33. No.4. pp319-326 (2017)
  • Engineered TiO2 and SiO2??TiO2 Films on Silica Coated Glass for Increased Thin Film Durability Under Abrasive Conditions

    Rosa Elena Ramírez-García, Jesús Alberto González-Rodríguez, Miguel Arroyo-Ortega, Sergio Alfonso Pérez-García and Liliana Licea Jiménez
    International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology,
  • Quantum Confinement Effects in a Glass/ITO/CdS/CdTe Supertrate Structure Designed for Solar Energy Conversion

    Yuri Vorobiev, Iker Rodrigo Chavez Urbiola, Sergio Alfonso Perez Garcia, Pavel Vorobiev
    International Journal of Advances in Science, Engineering and Technology(IJASEAT), Vol.4. No.4. pp86-89 (2017)
  • Study of narrow and intense UV electroluminescence from ITO/SRO/Si-p and ITO/SRN/SRO/Si-p based light emitting capacitors

    S.A. Cabañas-Tay, L. Palacios-Huerta, M. Aceves- Mijares, A. Coyopol, F. Morales-Morales, S.A. Pérez-García, L. Licea-Jiménez, C. Domínguez- Horna, K. Monfil-Leyva, A. Morales-Sánchez*
    Journal of Luminescence,


  • Polymer Coatings: Technologies and Applications. Chapter 3 : Polymer Coatings Based on Nanocomposites

    Liliana Licea-Jiménez, Ulises Antonio Méndez-Romero, Abraham Méndez-Reséndiz, Arturo Román Vázquez-Velázquez, Ricardo Antonio Mendoza-Jiménez, Diego Fernando Rodíguez-Díaz, Sergio Alfonso Pérez-García
    CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group, 2020 US, ISBN:978-0-367-18921-1

    Ulises Méndez Romero, Miguel Angel Velasco Soto, Liliana Licea Jiménez, Jaime Álvarez Quintana and Sergio Alfonso Pérez García
    InTech, 2017 HR, ISBN:978-953-51-3139-7
  • Luminescent Devices Based on Silicon-Rich Dielectric Materials

    Santiago A. Cabañas-Tay, Liliana Palacios-Huerta, Mariano Aceves-Mijares, Antonio Coyopol, Sergio A. Pérez-García, Liliana Licea-Jiménez, Carlos Domínguez and Alfredo Morales-Sánchez
    INTECH, 2016 HR, ISBN:978-953-51-2763-5
  • Multi-layered solar energy converters with Flexible sequence of p and n semiconductor films

    Y.V. Vorobiev, I.R. Chávez Urbiola, R. Ramírez Bon, L. Licea Jiménez, S.A. Pérez García, P. Vorobiev, P. Horley
    Intech, 2016 HR, ISBN:978-953-51-2840-3
  • Chapter 8: Carbon Polymer Nanocomposites

    M.A. Velasco-Soto, J.A. León-Gil, J. Alvarez-Quintana, S.A. Pérez-García, B. Laine, C. Mercader, S. Jestin, R. Rychwalski, L. Licea-Jiménez
    Elsevier, 2016 NL, ISBN:978-0-12-801578-0
  • Chapter 7: Dispersion of Carbon Nanomaterials

    M.A. Velasco-Soto, S.A. Pérez-García, R. Rychwalski, L. Licea-Jiménez
    Elsevier, 2016 NL, ISBN:978-0-12-801578-0
  • Advances in Science, Biotechnology and Safety of Foods

    M. Z. Saavedra-Leos, A. Grajales-Lagunes, R. González-García, A. Toxqui-Terán, S. A. Pérez-García, M. Abud-Archila, M. Moscosa-Santillán and M. A. Ruiz- Cabrera
    Asociación Mexicana de Ciencia de los Alimentos (AMECA), 2015 MX, ISBN:978-607-95455-4-3
  • Tailoring of Contacts on Silicon Carbide - Procedures and Mechanisms

    Sergio Alfonso Pérez-García
    Chalmers University of Technology, Serie: Doktorsavhandlingar vid Chalmers tekniska högskola. Ny serie, ISSN 0346-718X; nr 2619 ISBN: 978-91-7291-938-9, 2007 SE, ISBN:978-91-7291-938-9
  • Thin Film Solar Cells: Modeling, Obtaining and Applications

    P.P. Horley, L. Licea Jiménez, S.A. Pérez García, J. ?lvarez Quintana, Yu.V. Vorobiev, R. Ramírez Bon, V.P. Makhniy and J. González Hernández
    InTech, 2012 HR, ISBN:ISBN 978-953-51-0969

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