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Francisco Paraguay Delgado

+52 (614) 439 1107 francisco.paraguay@cimav.edu.mx Chihuahua, Chih.



Ciencia de Materiales (2003)

Áreas de Interés

  • Sintesis de oxidos semiconductores nanoestructurados
  • Hetero-uniones de oxidos semiconductores
  • Tecnicas de microscopia electronica en caracterizaacion de nanomateriales
  • Dispositivos optoelectronicos con nanomateriales
  • Sensado de gases toxicos

Últimas publicaciones

  • CoNiMo/Al2O3 sulfide catalysts for dibenzothiophene hydrodesulfurization: Effect of the addition of small amounts of nickel

    J.A. Medina Cervantes a , R. Huirache-Acuna? a,*, J.N. Díaz de Leon´ b, S. Fuentes Moyado b, F. Paraguay-Delgado c, G. Berhault d, G. Alonso-Núnez
    Microporous and Mesoporous Materials,
  • Multiplet structure for perovskite-type Ba0.9Ca0.1Ti0.9Zr0.1O3 by core??hole spectroscopies

    G Herrera-Pérez, O Solis-Canto, G Silva-Vidaurri, S Pérez-García, R Borja-Urby, F Paraguay-Delgado, G Rojas-George, A Reyes-Rojas, L Fuentes-Cobas
    Journal of Applied Physics, Vol.128. No.6. pp064106 (2020)
  • Structure, microstructure and surface of Nd3+??doped mesoporous anatase??phase TiO2

    Balter Trujillo??Navarrete1 · Francisco Paraguay??Delgado2 · Sergio Pérez??Sicairos
    Applied Physics A,
  • Pd/MnO2 as a bifunctional electrocatalyst for potential application in alkaline fuel cells

    I. Cruz-Reyesa, B. Trujillo-Navarreteb, K. García-Tapiaa, M.I. Salazar-Gastéluma,b, F. Paraguay-Delgadoc, R.M. Félix-Navarro
  • Pelagic Sargassum spp. capture CO2 and produce calcite

    Francisco Paraguay-Delgado, Caleb Carreño-Gallardo, Ivanovich Estrada-Guel, Alberto Zabala- Arceo, Harby Alexander Martinez Rodriguez, Daniel Lardizábal-Gutierrez
    Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Vol.2020. No.27. pp25794 (2020)
  • Magnetic nanocomposite with fluorescence enhancement effect based on amino acid coated-Fe3O4 functionalized with quantum dots

    Arturo I. Pavon-Hern � andez � a, Eustolia Rodríguez-Velazquez � b,c , Manuel Alatorre-Meda d Jos�e Trinidad Elizalde Galindo e , Francisco Paraguay-Delgado f , Antonio Tirado-Guízar a, Georgina Pina-Luis
    Materials Chemistry and Physics,
  • Electrokinetic Carbohydrates Sensor by Streaming Potential with 3MPBA-PtNPs-CNTs Composite Material

    Carolina Silva-Carrillo,1, * Rosa María Félix-Navarro,1 Sergio Pérez Sicairos,1 Balter Trujillo-Navarrete,1 Francisco Paraguay-Delgado,2 Shu Wai Lin-Ho,1 and Edgar Alonso Reynoso-Soto
    Journal of The Electrochemical Society F.I. 2.38,
  • h-MoO3 phase transformation by four thermal analysis techniques

    Francisco Paraguay-Delgado, Monica E Mendoza Duarte, O Kalu, Ivan A Estrada Moreno, Ivonne Alonso-Lemus, Daniel Lardizábal-G
    Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, Vol.140. No.2. pp735-741 (2020)
  • Anthracene removal from water samples using a composite based on metal-organicframeworks (MIL-101) and magnetic nanoparticles (Fe3O4)

    Antonio Tirado-Guizar1 , William González-Gómez2 , Georgina Pina-Luis1, José Trinidad Elizalde Galindo3 and Francisco Paraguay-Delgado
  • Chitosan??Starch Films Modified with Natural Extracts to Remove Heavy Oil from Water

    Jessica I. Lozano-Navarro 1,2 , Nancy P. Díaz-Zavala 1,* , José A. Melo-Banda 1 , Carlos Velasco-Santos 3 , Francisco Paraguay-Delgado 4 , Josué F. Peréz-Sánchez 1 , José M. Domínguez-Esquivel 5, Edgardo J. Suárez-Domínguez 2 and Jaime E. Sosa-Sevilla 1
  • Shape??dependent antifungal activity of ZnO particles against phytopathogenic fungi

    Nicolaza Pariona1 · F. Paraguay??Delgado2 · Sofia Basurto??Cereceda1 · J. E. Morales??Mendoza2 L. A. Hermida??Montero2 · Arturo I. Mtz??Enriquez
    Applied Nanoscience,
  • Electrochemical Hydrogen Evolution over Hydrothermally Synthesized Re-Doped MoS2 Flower-Like Microspheres

    Juan Aliaga, Pablo Vera, Juan Araya, Luis Ballesteros, Julio Urzúa, Mario Farías, Francisco Paraguay-Delgado, Gabriel Alonso-Núñez, Guillermo González and Eglantina Benavente
    Molecules, Vol.24. No.24. pp4631 (2019)
  • Aqueous-phase synthesis of nanoparticles of copper/copper oxides and their antifungal effect against Fusarium oxysporum.

    Hermida-Montero, L. A., Pariona, N., Mtz-Enriquez, A. I., Carrión, G., Paraguay-Delgado, F., & Rosas-Saito, G
    Journal of hazardous materials,,
  • Confined volume plasmon spatial distribution by low-loss EELS on self-assemble bismuth nanoparticles.

    Borja-Urby, R., Paredes-Carrera, S. P., Viltres-Cobas, H., Santiago-Jacinto, P., Paraguay-Delgado, F., Herrera-Pérez, G., ... & Morales-Cruz, D.
    Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena,
  • Structural, optical, and photoluminescence properties of erbium doped TiO2 films

    Pérez, J. B., Courel, M., Valderrama, R. C., Hernández, I., Pal, M., Delgado, F. P., & Mathews, N. R.
  • CdTe Quantum Dots Modified with Cysteamine: A New Efficient Nanosensor for the Determination of Folic Acid.

    Ramírez-Herrera, D. E., Reyes-Cruzaley, A. P., Dominguez, G., Paraguay-Delgado, F., Tirado-Guízar, A., & Pina-Luis, G.
  • Tribological assessment of partially sulfidated molybdenum oxide.

    Ornelas, C., Paraguay-Delgado, F., & Lara-Romero, J.
    Journal of Materials Research and Technology.,
  • Green-synthesized copper nanoparticles as a potential antifungal against plant pathogens

    Pariona, N., Mtz-Enriquez, A. I., Sánchez-Rangel, D., Carrión, G., Paraguay-Delgado, F., & Rosas-Saito, G.
    RSC Advances,
  • Enhancement of optoelectronic properties of TiO2 films containing Pt nanoparticles

    Pérez-Jiménez, L. E., Solis-Cortazar, J. C., Rojas-Blanco, L., Perez-Hernandez, G., Martinez, O. S., Palomera, R. C., ... & Morales, E. R.
    Results in Physics,
  • Structure and Optical Properties of ZnO and ZnO2 Nanoparticles

    Javier Eliel Morales-Mendoza, Francisco Paraguay-Delgado, J.A. Duarte Moller, Guillermo Herrera-Pérez, Nicolaza Pariona
    Journal of Nano Research,
  • Antimicrobial activity of chitosan composites against bacterial strains isolated from goat meat and cheese.

    Cruz, G. J. F., Rimaycuna, J., Alfaro, R., Tripul, V. S., Solis, R. L., Gómez, M. M., ... & Solis, J. L
    Journal of Physics: Conference Series , Vol.1173. No.1. pp012005 (2019)
  • Admix of Cu 2 ZnSnS 4 and ZnS as thin film to absorb visible light.

    Rodríguez-Valencia, J. M., Adendaño-Guin, S. H., Rojas-Blanco, L., Pérez-Hernández, G., Sarracino-Martinez, O., Zamudio-Torres, I., ... & Morales, E. R.
    Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics,
  • Room-temperature ferromagnetism and morphology evolution of SnO2 flower-like microparticles by Zn-doping

    F. Paraguay-Delgado, J. T. Holguín-Momaca, F. C. Vasquez, C. R. Santillán-Rodríguez, J. A. Matutes-Aquino, and S. F. Olive-Méndez *
    Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials,
  • Influence of organic solvents in the Pt nanoparticle synthesis on MWCNT for the methanol oxidation reaction

    Silva-Carrillo, C., Trujillo-Navarrete, B., Félix-Navarro, R. M., Paraguay-Delgado, F., Chávez-Carvayar, J. Á., & Reynoso-Soto, E. A.
    Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry,
  • Polyvinylpyrrolidone influence on physical properties of Cu2ZnSnS4 nanoparticles

    J. D. Cristóbal??García, F. Paraguay??Delgado, G. Herrera??Pérez, R. Y. Sato??Berrú, N. R. Mathews.
    Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, Vol.29. No.23. pp20302??20311 (2018)
  • Crystalline structure, electronic and lattice-dynamics properties of NbTe2

    Aarón Hernán Barajas-Aguilar, J. C. Irwin, Andrés ManuelGaray-Tapia, Torsten Schwarz, Francisco Paraguay Delgado, P. M. Brodersen, Rajiv Prinja, Nazir Kherani & Sergio J. Jiménez Sandoval
    Scientific reports, Vol.8. No.1. pp1-14 (2018)
  • Bi2S3 nanoparticles by facile chemical synthesis: Role of pH on growth and physical properties

    Y. Ramos Reynoso, A. Martinez-Ayala, Mou Pal, F. Paraguay-Delgado, N.R. Mathews.
    Advanced Powder Technology,
  • Lewis??Brønsted induction acidity in SBA-15 modified with Zr and P

    Karina Cruz-Rodríguez, Ricardo García-Alamilla, Francisco Paraguay-Delgado, María-Guadalupe Cárdenas-Galindo, Brent E. Handy, Juan Reyes-Gómez.
    International Journal of Materials Research, Vol.109. No.10. pp957 ?? 963 (2018)
  • Heat treatment effect of MoO3 on the MB removal and its reuse

    A. Santos-Beltrán, M. Santos-Beltrán, F. Paraguay-Delgado, L. Fuentes, R. García, V. Gallegos Orozco
    Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids,
  • Synthesis of Silver Colloids with a Homemade Light Source

    R. Y. Sato-Berrú, A. R. Va´zquez-Olmos, E. V. Mejı´a-Uriarte, M. E. Mata-Zamora, A. Solís-Gómez. F. Paraguay-Delgado, J. M. Saniger.
    Journal of Cluster Science, Vol.29. No.8. pp719-724 (2018)
  • NIR-Emitting Alloyed CdTeSe QDs and Organic Dye Assemblies: A Nontoxic, Stable, and Efficient FRET System

    Doris E. Ramírez-Herrera, Eustolia Rodríguez-Velázquez, Manuel Alatorre-Meda, Francisco Paraguay-Delgado, Antonio Tirado-Guízar, Pablo Taboada, Georgina Pina-Luis.
    Nanomaterials, Vol.8. No.4. pp1-14 (2018)

    Applied ecology and environmental research, Vol.16. No.2. pp1983-1997 (2018)
  • Chitosan-Starch Films with Natural Extracts: Physical, Chemical, Morphological and Thermal Properties

    Jessica I. Lozano-Navarro, Nancy P. Díaz-Zavala, Carlos Velasco-Santos, José A. Melo-Banda, Ulises Páramo-García, Francisco Paraguay-Delgado, Ricardo García-Alamilla, Ana L. Martínez-Hernández, Samuel Zapién-Castillo.
    Materials, Vol.11. No.1. pp1-20 (2018)
  • Phase controlled synthesis of CuSbS2 nanostructures: Effect of reaction conditions on phase purity and morphology

    Mou Pal, Y Torres Luna, R Silva González, NR Mathews, F Paraguay-Delgado, U Pal
    Materials & Design,
  • CuO nanoparticles and their antimicrobial activity against nosocomial strains

    L Román, Flavia Castro, Dora Maúrtua, Cesar Condori, Darwin Vivas, Ana E Bianchi, Francisco Paraguay-Delgado, José L Solis, Mónica M Gómez
    Revista Colombiana de Química, Vol.46. No.3. pp28-36 (2017)
  • Preparation of stimuli-responsive nanogels based on poly (N, N-diethylaminoethyl methacrylate) by a simple ??surfactant-free? methodology

    Lizbeth A Manzanares-Guevara, Angel Licea-Claverie, Francisco Paraguay-Delgado
    Soft Materials,
  • Low-Dimensional ReS2/C Composite as Effective Hydrodesulfurization Catalyst

    Juan Antonio Aliaga, Trino Zepeda, Juan Francisco Araya, Francisco Paraguay-Delgado, Eglantina Benavente, Gabriel Alonso-Núñez, Sergio Fuentes, Guillermo González
    Catalysts, Vol.7. No.12. pp377 (2017)
  • Effect of ytterbium doping concentration on structural, optical and photocatalytic properties of TiO2 thin films

    JA Borrego Pérez, Maykel Courel, Mou Pal, F Paraguay Delgado, NR Mathews
    Ceramics International, Vol.43. No.17. pp15777-15784 (2017)
  • Eco-friendly synthesis of egg-white capped silver nanoparticles for rapid, selective, and sensitive detection of Hg (II)

    Antonio Tirado-Guizar, Geonel Rodriguez-Gattorno, Francisco Paraguay-Delgado, Gerko Oskam, Georgina E Pina-Luis
    MRS Communications, Vol.7. No.3. pp695-700 (2017)
  • Synthesis of gold nanoparticles using poly (ethyleneglycol)-b-poly (N, N-diethylaminoethylmethacrylate) as nanoreactors

    Norma A Cortez-Lemus, Sara V García-Soria, Francisco Paraguay-Delgado, Angel Licea-Claveríe
    Polymer Bulletin, Vol.74. No.9. pp3527-3544 (2017)
  • Biological effects of carbon nanotubes generated in forest wildfire ecosystems rich in resinous trees on native plants

    Javier Lara-Romero, Jesús Campos-García, Nabanita Dasgupta-Schubert, Salomón Borjas-García, DK Tiwari, Francisco Paraguay-Delgado, Sergio Jiménez-Sandoval, Gabriel Alonso-Nuñez, Mariela Gómez-Romero, Roberto Lindig-Cisneros, Homero Reyes De la Cruz, Javier A Villegas
  • Trimetallic NiMoW sulfide catalysts by the thermal decomposition of thiosalt blends for the hydrodesulfurization of dibenzothiophene

    V Iriarte, J Cruz-Reyes, M Del Valle, G Alonso, S Fuentes, F Paraguay-Delgado, R Romero-Rivera
    Reaction Kinetics, Mechanisms and Catalysis, Vol.121. No.2. pp593-605 (2017)
  • Ratiometric arginine assay based on FRET between CdTe quantum dots and Cresyl violet

    Doris E Ramírez-Herrera, Antonio Tirado-Guízar, Francisco Paraguay-Delgado, Georgina Pina-Luis
    Microchimica Acta,
  • Ultrasonic-assisted galvanic displacement synthesis of Pt??Pd/MWCNT for enhanced oxygen reduction reaction:Effect of Pt concentration. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy.

    Zapata-Fernández, J. R., Gochi-Ponce, Y., Salazar-Gastélum, M. I., Reynoso-Soto, E. A., Paraguay-Delgado, F., Lin, S. W., & Félix-Navarro, R. M
    Journal of Hydrogen Energy., Vol.42. No.15. pp9806-9815 (2017)
  • Parametric study of the synthesis of carbon nanotubes by spray pyrolysis of a biorenewable feedstock: α-pinene

    Javier Lara-Romero, Teoxahual Ocampo-Macias, Reynier Martinez-Suarez, Ricardo Rangel Segura, Julian Lopez-Tinoco, Francisco Paraguay-Delgado, Gabriel Alonso-Nunez, Sergio Joaquín Jimenez Sandoval, and Fernando Chiñas-Castillo
    ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, Vol.5. No.5. pp3890-3896 (2017)
  • Effect of the method and impregnation time on the surface acidity of zirconia modified with boron

    María Isabel Arregoitia-Quezada, Ricardo García-Alamilla, Juan Manuel Hernández-Enríquez, Francisco Paraguay-Delgado, Luz Arcelia Garcia-Serrano, José Luis Rivera-Armenta
    Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology, Vol.82. No.1. pp28-39 (2017)
  • Synthesis of PtNPs/MWCNT Functionalized with 4-Mercaptophenylboronic Acid for an Electrochemical Sensor of Fructose

    Silva-Carrillo, C., Reynoso-Soto, E. A., Paraguay-Delgado, F., Alonso-Núñez, G., & Félix-Navarro, R. M
    Journal of The Electrochemical Society F.I. 3.266 , Vol.164. No.4. ppB86 (2017)
  • Effect of Nd 3+ doping on structure, microstructure, lattice distortion and electronic properties of TiO 2 nanoparticles

    Trujillo-Navarrete, B., del Pilar Haro-Vázquez, M., Félix-Navarro, R. M., Paraguay-Delgado, F., Alvarez-Huerta, H., Pérez-Sicairos, S., & Reynoso-Soto, E. A.
    Journal of Rare Earths, Vol.35. No.3. pp259 (2017)
  • Copper nanoclusters-coated BSA as a novel fluorescence sensor for sensitive and selective detection of mangiferin

    Muñoz-Bustos, C., Tirado-Guízar, A., Paraguay-Delgado, F., & Pina-Luis, G.
    Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical,
  • Band gap measurement of Bi2MoxW1-xO6 by low loss electron energy loss spectroscopy

    D. Morales-Cruz, F. Paraguay-Delgado, R. Borja-Urby, S. Basurto-Cereceda, G. Herrera-Pérez, P. Longo, M. Malac
    Mater. Sci. Semiconductor Processing,
  • Fast methylene blue removal by MoO3 nanoparticles

    M. Santos-Beltran, F. Paraguay-Delgado, R. Garcıa, W. Antunez-Flores, C. Ornelas-Gutierrez, A. Santos-Beltran
    J Mater Sci: Mater Electron (2017) 28, I 3 Pp2935-2948 ,
  • Zirconium and phosphorous modified SBA-15: texture, enhanced acidity and methanol dehydration activity

    Karina Cruz-Rodríguez, Ricardo García-Alamilla, Claudia E Ramos-Galván, Francisco Paraguay-Delgado, Rebeca Silva-Rodrigo, Brent E Handy, Sergio Robles-Andrade
    Reaction Kinetics, Mechanisms and Catalysis, Vol.120. No.1. pp371-384 (2017)
  • Síntesis de partículas de MgO y su incorporación en celdas solares sensibilizadas a base de TiO2

    O Rojas, C Giannini, D Siliqi, D Altamura, F Paraguay-Delgado, JL Solís, MM Gómez
    Revista de la Sociedad Química del Perú, Vol.83. No.1. pp3-15 (2017)
  • Role of oxygen vacancies and In?doping on the sensing performance of ZnO particles

    F Montes?Fonseca, SF Olive?Méndez, JT Holguín?Momaca, G Alonso?Núñez, F Paraguay?Delgado
    physica status solidi (c),


  • Green Synthesis and Characterizations of Silver and Gold Nanoparticles

    Nora Elizondo, Paulina Segovia, Víctor Coello, Jesús Arriaga, Sergio Belmares , Aracelia Alcorta, Francisco Hernández, Ricardo Obregón, Ernesto Torres and Francisco Paraguay
    INTECH, 2012 HR, ISBN:9789535103349

Reconocimientos y Distinciones

  • Poster Competition First Place Winner

    1st lnternational Symposium on Nanoscience and Nanomaterials held in Ensenada, Baja California, M�xico